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Good Roofers

What makes a good roofer.

I hear roofers all the time say they are the greatest.

I hear companies advertise that they are the best.


I like to think I’m a good roofer & a lot of people will say that.

I am really good at cedar & asphalt, somewhat ok with synthetics (some of my guys are really good at synthetics)

I understand torch on products & good at bidding some of the systems. (then again I have people that work for me that are really good at torch on)

I am not that great at metal roofing (but a couple of my guys are)

I am really good with construction & estimating it & understanding the whole building envelope. (my guys are good at follow through)

I understand products very well & am a very good estimator.

Good at business & terrible at running an office (I have someone that does that)

Starting to get bored??? Where am I going with this?

I am not the greatest, I am not the best.

You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.

The people that work for DC Roofing Inc are honest, knowledgeable & capable of assessing & installing all types of roofing or building envelope repairs.

DC Roofing Inc.

We’re roofers and we’re good at it!


Dale Chomechko


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