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Good Roofers

What makes a good roofer. I hear roofers all the time say they are the greatest. I hear companies advertise that they are the best. Really! I like to think I’m a good roofer & a lot of people will…

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Good Roofing Weather

Living on the south west coast of British Columbia means that usually the days are warm enough to work all year. We do need to contend with rains & everyone wants to wait until it is beautiful & sunny. Not going…

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Roofing Estimate Comparisons

I can't even count how many times a customer says my price is way too high & he had 2 prices 10-20% less. Am I just rediculously  expensive? Am I just greedy? Well here is the scoop, at least for…

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Roofing Subcontractors

I always get asked if I use subcontractors for roofing. Most people believe subs are not as good as a roofing contractors own forces. There is a few myths here going both ways. Roofers Own Forces First of all if…

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Roofing Insurance Coverage

Insurance is one subject that seems to get missed by home owners. Not only does the roofing company need to have liability insurance but also Worksafe (WCB) coverage Picture this. You hire a company with no insurance, you call up…

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Roofing Underlayment

Before going into the types of roofing underlay I feel the need to discus the reasons why it is used. Asphalt shingles did not used to  require underlay. This was because there was an asphalt saturated paper already in the shingle.…

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Roofing Product Choices

It seems everyone wants something different but does not know what is going to work for their house Many factors must be taken into account as in what does the house look like, where do you live, what can you…

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