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Good Roofing Weather

Living on the south west coast of British Columbia means that usually the days are warm enough to work all year.

We do need to contend with rains & everyone wants to wait until it is beautiful & sunny.

Not going to happen. Can be nice for 3 months or can rain 50% of the time for months on end.

And we need to get these jobs done because we have more than 1 customer to consider

We don’t always know what the day will bring  & neither does the weather man. ( Meteorologist, pardon me) you can get the work done in inclimate weather but precautions must be taken.

Most times we use the good days to tear off a roof, install underlay & then put a tarp over it.

As it is watertight roofing can usually continue on the next day or two despite the weather.

Sometimes we tarp over lower sections & get those done during poor weather.

New construction can almost always continue so that can be scheduled in conjunction with a reroof somewhere else. One gets the good days & one gets the bad.

Having a bad weather day, load the next roof.

We never recommend tearing off a roof in the rain. Or leaving a roof uncovered over night. Although I have seen people get away with it.

If you are waiting til summer, so is everyone else. Anybody ever notice the price goes up in the summer?

July to December is busy & a lot of roofers increase there prices when they are busy.

Some years people booking in September( before the rains)  waited until December because of the back log.

Nothing wrong with doing a roof in January( this year we had a little extra snow)but most years we work 3 out of 4 weeks.

February is also a good month most years.

Supliers are alway a little cheaper at the beginning of the year as well

This year because of the weather we are back logged for 2 months & it looks like a very busy year.

Moral of the story

If you need the roof, get it done. Waiting is not going to help

Dale Chomechko

DC Roofing Inc

We’re roofers and we’re good at it!



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