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Expensive house does not mean quality roofs

So lately I have  walked on a lot of roofs that have been done during the boom in construction.

It does not seem to mater how much the building cost ( 1 million  or 12 million) I continually see the contractors try to go cheap on the roofs.

We try to do the best job possible & we do charge more money.

Definitely you are not going to believe me because I am just another roofer.

Fixing these houses has become a regular thing with us & we find that contractors will drop us for cheap prices, but usually come back because we have been in business for 19 years & back up what we do.

Homeowners aren’t a lot different. ( not all homeowners or contractors)

I go back to jobs we didn’t get because our prices were too high & end up doing extensive repairs on newer roofs

One was replaced 3 times ( in 2 years)before they called us in.

I am writing this for those that are looking for a roof

Don’t just look at a couple of that installers roofs because chances are you don’t know what your looking at anyway.

Call up some references, call their suppliers( usually they have good recommendations) BBB may help but a lot of what happens they don’t hear about.

Homestars seems to be saturated with people signing up everyone before the roof has even been tested

Call in 3 or 4 roofers for pricing . Ask them about other companies, They may be hesitant to say anything but you may get an indication of what they think in how they act.

Roof consultants & some home inspectors may be able to lead you in the right direction. ( city inspectors are not the greatest because quality is not their mandate-safety is)

I do not advise asking a contractor unless you know for sure he is a good one. Lots of contractors say their roofer is good( which means cheap)

Research is where it’s at.

And then you can enjoy that roof .

Dale Chomechko

DC Roofing Inc

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