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Roofing Insurance Coverage

Insurance is one subject that seems to get missed by home owners.

Not only does the roofing company need to have liability insurance but also Worksafe (WCB) coverage

Picture this. You hire a company with no insurance, you call up your house insurance company & ask them if it is ok & they say yes as long as you are not the cause or liable for any accidents. Fact is that because you hired them, you are the contractor & you are responsible for safety on the site. You are now liable for all the activities on that site & you do not have WCB or liability insurance.

Just ask my neighbor that needed to re-mortgage his house to pay the $100,000.00 bill that a worker with a broken arm had.

If you are getting a flat roof done their must also be a hot application or torch on coverage (TPO & EPDM excluded). $1,000,000 does not cover much any more either. Most consultants want minimum $5,000,000

Saving a few dollars is not worth the risk & if it sounds too good to be true, there needs to be more investigation.

A Worksafe clearance letter can be accessed on their website with a Company/owner name or Worksafe numbers.

All insurance companies provide a document which states their coverage

Dale Chomechko

DC Roofing Inc


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