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COVID-19 and DC Roofing

The current situation is certainly making life more difficult for business. DC Roofing is still working and along with our suppliers doing everything possible to stop the spread and  keep people employed.

Estimating: Site visits are limited to talking to customers from a reasonably safe distance. Walking & measuring roofs and emailing info (all our brochures are on PDFs).

Suppliers: All are not allowing in store purchases. Orders are phoned in, material is brought out to the parking lot and either loaded by forklift or left there for us to load. Invoicing sent to our office.

Residential houses: these are the easiest as the crews are being limited to 3 people and crews are outside, customers not really needing to come into contact with them. If someone or someone in their household is sick (even a cold) they are to stay home and  quarantine themselves until it passes or on approval from a doctor they return to work.

Larger projects (Strata): Here too, crews are separated. The same protocol is in place in case of an illness. Notices are put up to make sure residents keep their distance, Washrooms, cleaning products, disposable gloves & WASH STATIONS will be in place.

We are doing our best to limit our contact with people & would like our customers to do the same.

Thank You for your support
Dale Chomechko

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A well-built roof will add value and beauty to your home. More importantly it will protect your house from rain, snow, wind, and more. At DC Roofing we’re roofers. Plain and simple. We’ve been in the business since 1999 and we’ve earned a reputation that’s as solid as the roofs we build. From complete roofing projects, to small repairs and installations, our team of dedicated, skilled, and knowledgeable employees will work hard and fast for you.

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